The New York State Prostate Cancer Coalition began in 1999 around many meetings of
survivors, clinicians and other stakeholders.
It was formed as a New York State non profit organization in July 2002.

To champion men diagnosed with prostate cancer in New York State, to help fund prostate cancer research and to promote awareness of prostate cancer.


African American men & Prostate Cancer

African American men have the highest prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates in New York State. Black men are one and a half times more likely to get prostate cancer and almost twice as likely to die from the disease than white men. We don't know why. If you are an African American man, you should educate your self and the men around you about Prostate Cancer, using support groups and the websites linked on the left.

Gay and Bisexual Men and Trans W2M & Prostate Cancer

Gay and Bisexual Men and Trans WtoM (GBT) have unique physical, psychological and social needs around prostate cancer. Few doctors and hospitals adequately address these needs. New York State is proud to be first in the nation to host support groups for GBT people diagnosed with prostate cancer. For more information, contact darryl@malecare.org